FAA Part 107 Study Guide

How to Register

For many of you, this will be your first experience taking an FAA exam. The purpose of this guide is to familiarize yourself with the process for registering and taking the Remote Pilot Certificate knowledge test so that you don’t need to worry about logistics and you can focus on the exam material. The process for taking the exam is as follows

  1. Locate a testing facility in your area
  2. Call, confirm they offer the exam and schedule an appointment. Request to take the Small unmanned aircraft knowledge test (UAG Unmanned Aircraft General – Small).
  3. Show up with an acceptable form of identification

What to Expect When You Show Up

The location where you’ll take the exam is the same location where pilots take their certification exams so you won’t be alone. Once you show up, they will ask for your identification and provide you with three things.

  1. A Number 2 pencil (don’t be fooled, your exam will be on the computer)
  2. A couple of sheets of blank paper (in case you need scratch paper. You will not be able to take this out of the room)
  3. The “AIRMAN KNOWLEDGE TESTING SUPPLEMENT” book. This book will have all the images and graphs the test will mention (You’ll also have a link to the digital version when needed). In the front, you’ll also find an Appendix with legends, using them you’ll be able to answer 30-40% of the questions (More covered in Guide #003) HERE IS AN ABBREVIATED VERSION OF THIS SAME TESTING SUPPLEMENT, where we’ve removed all the figures that will not be used for your test.

The Actual Exam

After going through a simple tutorial teaching you how to use the system, you will take the 60-question multiple-choice exam via a computer, 1 question at a time. A clock will start counting down 120 minutes. You will be able to advance forward and backward as you answer the questions so don’t worry if you want to go back and change an answer, and you will have the ability to flag questions if desired.

How to Know if you Passed

You’ll receive immediate feedback about whether you passed or not after you finish (70% passing grade). The proctor will hand you a sheet of paper with a bunch of codes on it. These are “LEARNING CODES” that point to questions or areas where you struggled. In the event you don’t pass, you’ll know where to focus your study time during the 14 days you need to wait before retaking the exam.

Getting your Certificate

After passing the knowledge test, CREATE AN IACRA ACCOUNT, login, and complete the application form (FAA 8710-13):
* “Start New Application”
* Application Type “Pilot”
* Certifications “Remote Pilot”- Other Path Information,
* Start Application and follow application prompts
* Enter the 17-digit Knowledge Test Exam ID
* Sign the application electronically and submit to the Registry for processing.

The TSA will run a background check and you should receive an email confirmation with a temporary certificate to print within 10 days. A hard copy will be mailed to you shortly after.

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