FAA Part 107 Study Guide

Tips for Passing the Knowledge test

  1. Use common sense.
  2. When in doubt, choose the most conservative answer.
  3. Use all available resources before, during and after the test:
  4. Review the TESTING SUPPLEMENT figures before the exam and imagine questions that may be asked (Charts, Metars…)
  5. We wrote a REGULATIONS “CHEAT SHEET” to help you remember key numbers. We also mention items that should be memorized in our guides.
  6. During the test, USE THE LEGEND located in the Testing Supplement.
  1. Our study-guides aren’t intended to cover every topic needed to make you a good remote-pilot or pass the test. However, we’ve compiled many resources that will make you successful. In particular, review the FAA’s study guide, while not an exciting read, it contains a lot of valuable information.
  2. Save the Practice Tests for when you think you’re ready for the real exam. Alone, it won’t prepare you for the exam but it will help you identify deficiencies in your knowledge.
  3. Manage your time and, if you have doubts flag the question to come back to at the end. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and some answers will come up in other questions.
  4. Answer every question, there’s no point deduction for wrong answers.

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